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Hey there! Welcome here :) 

This pod will get you ready for 2023! As the prompts here are a continuation of the previous pod, do check it out if you haven't already! 

The Three Bs


The Obstacles
The People
Letting Go

Write a letter to your future 2023-self:

  • What do you hope to have achieved? 

  • What do you hope to have continued doing? What do you hope to have changed?

  • Who are some people you hope to get through 2023 with? 

Describe 3 things you would like to accomplish in 2023: 

Name 3 habits you would like to cultivate in 2023: 

Obstacles and Fear

What are some concerns that you have about moving into 2023?

Is there anything that you think will keep you from achieving what you want? What can you do about them?

Complete the sentences

I will take care of myself in 2023 by...

When I need help, I can turn to... 

I want to become someone who is...


Repeat after me: 

A new year is a new chapter. 

2023 will be an incredible part of my story. 

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