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Breaking it down

Hi there! If you are here, you probably have a problem that has been bugging you. Is it a fight with your parents? A fall-out with a friend lately? 
Whatever the problem may be, welcome here! Let's break down the problem together and make sense of your feelings. 

Observing other leaders

Describe the problem- let's break it down! 

  • What happened? 

  • How are you feeling?

In your opinion, what is the key issue in this problem? 

  • Is this a recurring event? If so, what are the similar incidents that happened in the past? 


Your feelings are valid! 

Let's take a step back and untangle this further.

  • How did my actions contribute?

  • What might they be possibly feeling about my actions / words?

  • Could I have behaved differently and if so, how would this have changed the conflict? 

Imagine this textbox as your Whatsapp chat with them. What would you want to say to them? 

Moving forward

What will you do if the same problem happens again? 

  • State 1 thing you will do differently 

  • Describe how you will handle the situation 

What have you learnt from this? 

You have reached the end of this pod! It's okay to not feel okay right now and it must have felt difficult to open up about this problem. Nonetheless, I'm proud of you for sharing! 


Keep going! Take care <3 

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