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There are many great leaders out there. It is normal to feel that “I am not good enough” or that “there is someone better than me…” Let’s identify some of these self-doubts that you may have. 

As a leader, what do you think are your weaknesses or areas you can improve on?  

Your Strengths

Thank you for your response! These self-doubts are valid, but it becomes unconstructive when we focus only on whatever is holding us back. 

The truth is, we are all very different in the way we lead. It is the way we play to our strengths that truly make us unique and valuable. So, let’s identify them. 

What are your greatest strengths as a leader? 

Observing other leaders

There are many types of leaders out there- those who motivate, those who are more laissez-faire (hands-off), those who value consensus and input, etc etc. 

When we are just starting out, we shape our own leadership style by reflecting on the characteristics and strengths we have admired in other leaders and then working to embody these traits- make their strengths our strengths

Think about all the people you have met. Was there anyone who stood out to you as a good leader? 

  • What kind of leadership style did they have?

  • What were the strengths that made them different?


Reflecting on the people we admire gives us a sense of what core values are important to us and the way we want to lead. Now, about you!

  • What kind of leadership style do you want to have?  

  • What kind of leader do you want to be? Describe this person. 

Your purpose

Having set down the type of leader you want to be, let’s go back to the fundamentals- our purpose in leadership.

Firstly, what gives you joy? Perhaps identifying this will allow you to point out the things that truly motivate you and keep you going, beyond all those titles as a leader.   

  • What was your most fulfilling moment as a leader? 

  • What keeps you going? 

Thanks for sharing! You are almost reaching the end of this pod. Before you go, 

  • What do you hope to get from leading other people?

You have reached the end of this pod! Hopefully you have found this helpful in envisioning how you want your leadership to look like, and learnt a thing or two about yourself.


Wherever you might be, and whether you have been recognised as a leader, know that you may step up anytime and anywhere- leadership exists as little pockets of moments, not just that few moments of grandeur. 

Above all, take a leap of faith and have trust in yourself. Don’t be afraid to step up and take your chances.  

I wish you all the best in your leadership journey <3

Your strengths
Observing other leaders
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