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Hey there! Welcome here :) 

In this pod, we are going to revisit our 2022- the good, the bad, the things that kept us going and even the things we want to let go. Perhaps there were “unfinished business” or ugly moments of yourself that you never want to bring up again. 

Whatever it is, I hope that 2022 made you understand a little bit more about yourself and if anything, I’m proud of you for making it this far ❤️


Let’s begin!

The Three Bs

The Three Bs

The Obstacles
The People
Letting Go

The biggest lesson you learnt:

What was the best decision you made? 

The biggest surprise of the year:

The Obstacles

What was the toughest moment of 2022? 

Write a letter to your 2022-self

  • What did they do that made you proud? 

  • What advice would you give to your past-self?

The People

Who are three people that inspired you in this past year? 

Letting go

Did you leave anything “unfinished” in 2022? 

Is there anything you would want to say goodbye to or leave in 2022? 

Describe 3 things you are grateful for:


How would I describe myself now compared to a year ago? What do I like about myself? 

A new year is a new chapter.

Take a look at our pod                                            next!

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